What do ORPP graduates have to say about the training and the ORPP materials provided?

“I love the way ORPP is organized- it is so functional for swamped therapists!”

“It was fabulous to have 2 such enthusiastic AND knowledgeable presenters!”

“ORPP should be required as foundational knowledge for every SLP.”

“I can’t wait to add this skill and material to my practice MONDAY!”

“I love that it is evidence based and practical for the everyday clinician.”

"I loved the unwavering focus of Rest Oral Posture. Other trainings I have taken are more exercise focused. The exercises offered by ORPP are more functional in their approach with direct application and transition into better rest oral posture."

"Nicole and Karrie are incredibly knowledgeable, organized and professional. They have taken a huge amount of material and made it clear, research based and not only accessible but easy and ready to implement."

"Karrie and Nicole are very observant - even through zoom to know when to explain more, move on, or take a break! The course allowed for a lot of questions from participants, and every question was answered with respect and from the instructors great knowledge and experience. It wasn't a hundred articles and huge prep, instead it relied on your professional knowledge and expanded on it. As such, it was NOT stressful! It was very enjoyable!"