Do I have to be a “certified” orofacial myologist to practice?

  • The simple answer for SLPs – no. Orofacial myology is not a profession or a regulated practice on it’s own - it is an area that falls within the scope of practice of a number of professionals. As an SLP we are required to ensure our competency in any area that we practice in- just like voice, stuttering, dysphagia etc. These areas do not require “certification” from any other association or organization in order to practice in this area. We are professionally obligated to ensure we have done our due diligence for professional development and training prior to seeing clients.
  • Registered Dental Hygienists are advised to connect with their own regulating body.

What makes the ORPP course unique?

  • The Orofacial Rest Posture Program is a dynamic program developed by two currently practicing clinicians. The program developed from clinical need and the desire for something functional, effective and efficient. The program is ever-changing and updated as clients respond to the program.
  • ORPP is Canadian and was the first comprehensive training program provided in Canada by 2 SLPs with a special interest in OMDs.
  • Nicole and Karrie continue to be practicing clinicians who continue to develop and improve both their ORPP training program and their own clinical practice.
  • Upon completion of an ORPP course, graduates will receive access to personalized ORPP documentation to use in their practice the very next day!

Is there a fee to access ORPP materials?

  • No! Once you are ORPP trained you have ongoing access to PERSONALIZED printable ORPP materials through the clinician login.